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Horse Chestnut – from folk remedy to modern marvel

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Emergen30 - Natural Horse Chestnut

Horse chestnut is a tree native to the Balkan Peninsula but found throughout the northern hemisphere. Its seeds, leaves, bark, and flowers have been used for centuries to help relieve a huge array of health problems so successfully that this humble nut extract is now widely prescribed by European doctors, and its reputation is spreading to the Americas. We need this medicine more than ever before with so much of the population on prescription medication that comes with their own side effects, some of which can cause life-threatening circulation problems and miserable inflammatory pain. When we discovered the huge benefits and relief that this simple supplement brings, we decided we had to make it available as soon as possible. If you or your loved ones need it, you can now purchase it on our website.

A tea made from horse chestnut is a big part of Turkish folk medicine and used to relieve an upset stomach and pass kidney stones; they also use the seeds to alleviate hemorrhoid symptoms. [9] Today, horse chestnut is primarily used as a traditional remedy for vascular problems like Chronic Venous Insufficiency, or CVI, a condition in which the veins do not efficiently return blood from the legs to the heart.

Horse Chestnut has undergone extensive medical trials over the last few decades and has proved to be surprisingly effective for a huge array of conditions related to acute inflammation of the immune system[1] , swelling and circulation[2] , particularly in relation to Chronic Veinous Insufficiency[3] [4] [5] [6] [7] .

Horse chestnut contains a compound called aescin which has many benefits. Research out of China suggests that aescin is resistant to systemic redness. While it’s not uncommon for some compounds to temper redness by suppressing the immune system, since redness can be a response from the immune system, aescin resists redness and swelling without being immunosuppressive. [1] Aescin also shows strong antioxidant activity. Middlesex University in England published information that showed horse chestnut extract to be one of the most effective free radical fighters available. Additionally, Aescin is also a saponin, often used with natural soap products. Saponins dont only provide a powerful natural clean, they also help the vascular system by making capillaries less fragile. This is of great relief to persons who experience the swelling that results when fragile capillaries leak fluid. [8]

To date, research has shown very few observable adverse side effects from using Horse Chesnut. Horse chestnut is thought to be remarkably safe and well tolerated by most people. Some research has shown that aescin is more absorbable by the body during the daytime than night- something to consider if you supplement with horse chestnut. [10]

If circulation and vein health are a concern in your life, first take into account if you could be eating healthier or try an anti-inflammatory diet to see if the food you eat could be the root cause of your problems.  Regular cleanses to rid the body of inflammation-causing toxins has been shown to be beneficial. Exercise is also known to vastly improve circulation. Keeping weight gain in check will also reduce pressure on all the organs and blood vessels throughout the body. If in addition you are on heavy prescription medication with side effects known to aggravate symptoms related to circulation and swelling, you may need to both improve your diet and consider taking daily Horse Chestnut extract to keep the symptoms in check. If you are unable or unwilling to make any changes, you may still have noticeable benefits from using Horse Chestnut. It is now available on our website.

†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Emergen30 does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Emergen30 are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

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Vitamins to Support Your Immune System

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Immune System

Keep your immune system strong and healthy

Emergen30 has a suite of products to boost your immune system.  Shop Now


What your immune system needs to work well:

The immune system is a “system” of important organs, parts and processes within the body, including bone marrow, lymph nodes, the thymus, spleen and leukocytes.  Each of these is critical to protecting against disease and germs.  These components work to identify threats to your body such as viruses, bacteria, parasites and other threats in order to prevent damage. It’s important to distinguish these threats from your body’s own healthy tissue so your body can attack the foreign bodies.

Our immune systems do a great job at defending the body, but germs still find their way in from time to time, making you sick. We all worry about getting sick, from colds and allergies to more serious diseases like cancer.


Want to keep your immune system healthy?

While you can’t prevent all sicknesses, you can take steps to help ward off threats.  Exercise and a healthy diet are critical.  Eat vegetables, fruits and low saturated fat to keep your blood pressure in check.  Try to get great sleep.  Watch your weight.  Avoid cigarettes and alcohol (drink responsibly).  See your doctor for check-ups.  Wash your hands!

Certain vitamins can help compliment a good diet.  Read below to see which can help you stay healthy.


How can Emergen30 be a part of your immune system’s health?

If you want to keep your immune system strong, try these:

Vitamin D – Vitamin D-3 supports cells that help defend against outside threats.

Multi-Vitamin – An all-in-one way to get many of the important vitamins you need everyday. Vitamin C supports immune system function.  It can even help with the common cold by supporting phagocytes and t-cells.

Iron Comlex – Iron is the basic element used to make hemoglobin, which is the chemical in red blood cells that carries oxygen.

Check out our immune-supporting vitamins, and continue your healthy lifestyle!

All New Healthy Products

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Joint Pain

At Emergen30™, we’re dedicated to bringing you new, safe and healthy products. We’re proud to introduce two amazing additions to our online shop. Shipping is FREE in the United States!


Emergen30 - Glucosamine, MSM & Arnica Liposome Lotion, 8 OzKeep skin healthy with this powerful, paraban-free lotion for pain or discomfort due to overexertion or strain.

+  Supports Joints and Cartilage
+  With Glucosamine, MSM and Arnica
+  Liposome Delivery System Aids in Maintaining Skin Health
+  Fast Acting, Paraben Free, Gluten Free
+  Contains No Colors, Fragrances or Artificial Preservatives
+  Easy to Use Hand Dispenser

Emergen30™ Glucosamine, MSM & Arnica Liposome Lotion is a soothing, fast-acting lotion specifically formulated to support normal joint function. This unique blend of ingredients helps to nourish joint tissues and provides components your body can use to maintain normal joint structures. Glucosamine supports healthy cartilage formation, while MSM is a source of organic sulfur, an element that is essential to normal connective tissue production. Arnica is well known for its traditional uses. This product’s active ingredients are delivered in liposomes. Liposomes are very similar to the different layers of the skin barrier and combine well with cell membranes. Due to their mimicking ability, the core ingredients of liposome can merge more easily with the skin’s natural barrier layers, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate effectively. Massage into the skin. Use daily as needed.

Read More | Purchase Now

CINNAMON BARK, 600MG (120 capsules)

Emergen30 - Cinnamon Bark, 600 mg, 120 capsulesAdd Emergen30™ Cinnamon Bark 600mg to your healthy diet!

+  Healthy Glucose Metabolism
+  Natural Anti-Inflammatory
+  Cardiovascular Support
+  May Support Healthy Serum Lipids
+  600 mg Strength

Cinnamon Bark has been historically used as a digestive aid and to promote other health benefits. Recent studies indicate that Cinnamon may also help support healthy serum lipid levels. In addition, Cinnamon contains potent antioxidants that help to support cardiovascular function.* Try Emergen’s Cinnamon Bark 600mg-strength capsules today!

Read More | Purchase Now

Emergen’s Extended Product Line

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Emergen 30

We’re expanding our new product line!

Emergen30™ is proud to introduce these featured products:

Garlic Oil | View Product
Cinnamon Bark | View Product
Prostate Support | View Product

You can now find Vitamin D-3 in two strengths:

Vitamin D-3 2,000 IU – High Potency | View Product
Vitamin D-3 5,000 IU – Highest Potency | View Product

Learn more about the benefits of dietary supplements like these here.

Have a question?  Please reach out to our customer service anytime.

Have a healthy new year!

New Arrivals

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Emergen 30

Emergen is proud to present our newest line of natural improvement, available now:

Vitamin D-3 | View Product
Multi-Vitamin | View Product
Iron Complex | View Product
Probiotic | View Product
Berry Probiotic | View Product

We are committed to bringing you the best quality products for a healthy lifestyle.

Have a question?  Message our customer service anytime for assistance.

The perfect gift for the holiday season – get healthy!